Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Jaiden was a perfect little Mister this morning & all was supposed to go easy today. I was to take Jai to the sitter, come home to do laundry, wash the car, clean the house, & workout with the hubby. WELL....things got a little crazy. Jai did make it to the sitter. Thank God or he would've been dying back here at the homefront. Now that I was home... I decided to start laundry (#2 on the list done). Then I decide to pick up the 3 empty bottles of detergent & dirty rag (that the furnace replacers decided to leave on my floor) and throw them in the garbage. AH HAAA! This is where it got crazy. *Quick bit of info. We are always sick & cant breathe!!!!* OKAY...So under that dirty rag & the box of pictures that was also back there was.....MOLD & LOTS OF IT!!! Ahhhhh. SO Chris & I are dying in the basement. Coughing and gagging. Ugh. We are the worst 2 people ever to get around stinky things...Gagging, Coughing, & Laughing because one of us is gonna be sick. haha. So "just putting in laundry" turned into "we are cleaning this whole flipping basement". Ugh AGAIN! Thank God Amy came & I could rant to her for awhile. Because THAT turned into a 2 hour project..but I managed to take 7 bags of clothes to GoodWill that have been in the basement since December. Yayyy for feeling accomplished! Straightened the house, while the hubby washed the cars. Such a sweetie. Our workout ended up being all the moving stuff in the basement. Thanks Mold! Ugh.
We ended up relaxing for a good 30minutes before we had to leave to go get Jaiden. We have a good evening with him though. Watched some movies...Ate dinner...Played on the porch...Had a fun bathtime...etc. NOW its relaxing time with my Hubbers. We are watching Going The Distance. Drew Barrymore & Justin Long are super and this movie is HILARIOUS. You should watch it.
Have a good night all.

A Little About Us.

GET READY FOR LOTSSS OF INFO....Haha. Im on a rampage.

My husband Chris (a Nuclear Generator Tech who travels the world for weeks at a time for work)& I met in July of 2007 at Boyce Park Wave Pool when we were there with friends. We exchanged words & that was it. I started Cosmetology School in November 2007 & was busy doing my own thing. Working & schooling it up. December 24th 2007....this boy starts writing to me on Myspace. We talked of getting drinks after a friends birthday party, etc. December 26th 2007....we met at Monroeville Mall to hangout and chat. We ended up taking a drive down the Golden Mile while we were waiting for friends. Ended up chatting about our whole lives & we mentioned how we knew we would get married. We knew we were SOULMATES. We have been together ever since.

February 14th 2008...We found out we were going to be parents. We were scared, but joyful. February 23rd 2008 was a Saturday morning & I still in School (where I would be for another year), excused myself to go to the Restroom. OMG! I was bleeding....Something was wrong. I rushed to Shaler from Monroeville to get my best friend, while calling my boyfriend/fiance to meet us at the hospital. I was having a miscarriage. After bloodwork & tests....I was told I offically lost our first child. We were told not to try again for 2 months. So we went back to our daily life....sad & upset.

April 2008 came along...We decided it was time for me to get a RING. Yayyyy! We were really going to get married. Around this grandma got real sick. So we moved up our plans for the Bridal Shower & stuff so she wouldnt miss it. My lovely grandma passed away April 14th 2008. She never even got to see my ring. : ( That was a VERY Hard week for me. We buried one of the most important people in my life on my 24th Birthday (April 18th). Thats my grandma for ya...Never wanted me to forget about her, so she shares my birthday with me. Thanks Gramma!

May 2008...we had our Wedding Shower & moved into our 1st place together. We got a nice, big home in Rillton, Pa. **Its about 5 minutes off Route 30 in Irwin. It was really nice & quiet....Just too far from my family. We ended up living there for 1 1/2 years though.** About 2weeks after we moved in there...I found out I was pregnant AGAIN!! Holy Cow!

June 2008...That was a whole lot of Wedding Planning & Baby Planning...Or at least talking out our Baby Plan. haha. We did have a baby appt though since we were worried about having another miscarriage. All was well so far & we were 6wks along.

July 2008...We got MARRIED!! July 5th we celebrated Our Marriage with our families and a few choice friends in a small ceremony & reception in Bloomfield. We suprised them with an open bar & an 8wk pregnant bride. lol. It was a wonderful day & everyone had a wonderful time. It was just a little CRAZY. Ok.....Let's see......what all happened???

1. Dj wasn't there at 1:30pm..........1:45pm...........2:00pm.........Ok, So that dj NEVER showed up.

2. During the ceremony someone decided to play with the light switch and kept turning the lights off/on........that ended when my Pregnant Cousin went to rip them a NEW ASS.

3. Once reception started, my brother got really sick so he had to leave, so my dad took him home and came back.

4. Between 4 & 5, Great Aunt MaryAnn turns to my Mother In Law & says, "I don't feel very good." Then PASSES out. Stops breathing. 911 gets called. She wakes up after they move her to the floor. She says, "Im ok, I didn't see the light. I don't want to go to the hospital. Well she still goes, Everyone told her to go just to see what was the matter. So.......Mom & Dad Latsko, Great Aunt Mary Ann & Uncle Lenord, Aunt Kim & Uncle Bob all leave to go to the hospital. My In Laws weren't even there for the rest of the wedding.


6. So all went well with eating dinner & the food was GREAT. THANK GOD.

7. Time to cut the cake.....but NO. There is card board on top of all layers, so we had to do a little butchering to get a little piece out for pictures. Not so bad.

8. As we were up there getting ready to cut our cake....we hear a loud crash. The table that the Dj is setting ALL his speakers and stuff on......CRASHES to the floor.

OMG!!!! Are you kidding me. But after that it was good. NOTHING else went wrong...and we danced the night away & ate lots of COOKIES. lol.

We went on a week long Honeymoon to Atlantic Beach, NC. It was a nice little place called the Caribbe Inn. haha. GET IT!! Cute place...made me laugh.

August 2008 - January 2009...Was a whole lot of baby planning, Chris working on the road, & me going to Cosmetology School.

FEBRUARY 2009 Starts the Mommy Life....Save that til tomorrow. Im sleepy now & I know I've left out A LOT.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Breather...

I managed to take a long, helpful breather. Took a relaxing shower while Jai was still napping. Then once he woke up, we went to TGIFridays for dinner. Yummy! We sat outside since it was nice. Thank God for that...Jaiden was a little terror. Was under the table...running around...being JAIDEN! But it was a good dinner anyways. They have that "3 Courses for $16.99" deal going on. SUCH A GOOD DEAL!! Sooo of course I got the Green Bean Fries, Sizzling Shrimp & Chicken, & Vanilla Bean CheeseCake. Deee-lish.
Then came home & hungout with Jai til Bath & Bedtime. What a good evening with my 2 guys. Chris (The Hubbers) is now playing Video Games & Im going to BLOG!

"You're Not A Blogger"

This is frustrating for sure. haha. I have tried so many things and I am not sure I'm getting the hang of things. My Husband & I have come to the conclusion that I am NOT A BLOGGER. That's okay for now...but how do I become a blogger? Does it just happen or does someone need to teach me? I need to take a break/breather for now, so I can take time to figure this out later.

New 2 All This!

So I read a few blogs that my friends post every once in a while & I enjoy reading about things they go through in their lives. Im not sure if it's because it makes me laugh, cry or just feel that I am not alone in this Crazzzzy Mommy Rat Race. I have so much to say & I never really TALK to anyone. SO I figured this can't be too hard. Well....I am SOOO confused with this whole BLOGGING business. What the heck am I doing? I need to decorate my blog and pick gadgets? What the french does that mean? Someone help me.