Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Jaiden was a perfect little Mister this morning & all was supposed to go easy today. I was to take Jai to the sitter, come home to do laundry, wash the car, clean the house, & workout with the hubby. WELL....things got a little crazy. Jai did make it to the sitter. Thank God or he would've been dying back here at the homefront. Now that I was home... I decided to start laundry (#2 on the list done). Then I decide to pick up the 3 empty bottles of detergent & dirty rag (that the furnace replacers decided to leave on my floor) and throw them in the garbage. AH HAAA! This is where it got crazy. *Quick bit of info. We are always sick & cant breathe!!!!* OKAY...So under that dirty rag & the box of pictures that was also back there was.....MOLD & LOTS OF IT!!! Ahhhhh. SO Chris & I are dying in the basement. Coughing and gagging. Ugh. We are the worst 2 people ever to get around stinky things...Gagging, Coughing, & Laughing because one of us is gonna be sick. haha. So "just putting in laundry" turned into "we are cleaning this whole flipping basement". Ugh AGAIN! Thank God Amy came & I could rant to her for awhile. Because THAT turned into a 2 hour project..but I managed to take 7 bags of clothes to GoodWill that have been in the basement since December. Yayyy for feeling accomplished! Straightened the house, while the hubby washed the cars. Such a sweetie. Our workout ended up being all the moving stuff in the basement. Thanks Mold! Ugh.
We ended up relaxing for a good 30minutes before we had to leave to go get Jaiden. We have a good evening with him though. Watched some movies...Ate dinner...Played on the porch...Had a fun bathtime...etc. NOW its relaxing time with my Hubbers. We are watching Going The Distance. Drew Barrymore & Justin Long are super and this movie is HILARIOUS. You should watch it.
Have a good night all.

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